Landscapes by the Antoniaks

Landscapes by the Antoniaks is a vibrant, colourful landscape exhibition on show at Cafe de' Clare on Peter Lane in York. Whilst enjoying lunch or a delicious cup of coffee and cake in this delightful cafe, you can also take the time to enjoy the paintings that surround you. The exhibition is made up of a mixture of my own pieces and those by my mum Issie Antoniak. Both myself and Issie get our inspiration from places we have personally visited; from local scenes such as the Hole of Horcum and the Museum Gardens, York, to places further afield such as Monet's Garden in Giverny, France, to iconic attractions the other side of the world, such as Uluru in Austalia. Our styles of painting are different; my use of colour is more exaggerated, whilst Issie's is more delicate. The way we approach painting is also different: I use big bold brush strokes applied quite quickly, whilst Issie's are more considered and also often mixed with collage, fabrics and other textures. Yet from this exhibition you can see how we have influenced each other over the years, evolving a similar eye for observing and capturing the beauty of subject matters such as land, skies, forests and the seasons.

Landscapes by the Antoniaks will be on show at Cafe de' Clare until the end of the summer. If you would like to purchase any of the paintings on display there, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Original, framed landscapes by myself can also be purchased from 'Look What Mum's Made' on Gillygate, York. <

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